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7 Ways to Keep Cholesterol in Check

Scale representing weight and cholesterol.

BATTLING CHOLESTEROL IS tough during the holiday months. Not only is high cholesterol not something you can “feel”, but temptation is everywhere. To help navigate through the season of candy canes and sugar cookies, here are a few tips to keep your levels at bay….

  1. Grab oatmeal for breakfast. Soluble fiber reduces the absorption of cholesterol into the blood stream.
  2. Cut the carbs. Trans fats found in cookies and crackers are not always listed, so look for “partially dehydrogenated oil” in the ingredients list instead. It stands for masqueraded trans fats.
  3. Kill the soda habit. Although labeled as fat-free, the sugar that is ingested when chugging down a can of Coke turns to fat, known as triglycerides.
  4. Increase your gym time. Studies show that regular exercise lowers LDL (the bad or ‘lousy’ cholesterol).
  5. Substitute animal for plant protein. Switch from dairy creamer to soy milk (Silk Very Vanilla Soymilk Natural, 8-Ounce Containers (Pack of 18)flavor that tastes like creamer), swap meat for tofu, and grab some soybeans.
  6. Chuck the egg yolks. If you’re a fan of the omelet make sure you’re making it with 100% Liquid Egg Whites (4 gallons). Yolks are rich in fat and contribute to cholesterol levels.
  7. Pile up on pectin. Apples, grapes, and strawberries are full of this soluble fiber that also helps to lower cholesterol levels.

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