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    The Vegetarian Option

    YOU, GUYS. MEAT-free dinners can give your palate a clean slate (and are so good for you!) This week we went vegetarian and whipped up a low cal tofu stir fry…

  • Raves

    Healthy Makeup? Heck, Yea!

    MAKEUP OVERLOAD CAN can clog pores and cause breakouts when you least need them, but is there such a thing as healthy makeup? A subtle combination of the right moisturizer, foundation, and…

  • Taste

    Going bananas over this breakfast

    PANCAKES ARE SUCH a fun weekend (or heck, even weekday) breakfast treat, but they can be heavy on the carbs, fat, and sugar. That’s why we were so excited to find…

  • Taste

    Strawberry Arugula Summer Salad

    THERE IS A ton of food blogs out there already, so today this is not going to pretend to be one of them. No culinary school experience over here, just enough of…

  • Diet cheat day donut in hands with bites
    Health Scoop

    Treat Yourself: Enjoy Diet Cheat Day

    A MONTH AGO the Twinkies were tossed and the pantry cleared of the transfatty carbs. The combination of daily treadmill time, healthy salads for lunch, and salmon for dinner has proven to…