• Woman jumping in air, expressing accomplishment.

    You Go, Girls

    As a female physician walking into a newly admitted patient’s room for the first time,  the favorite question is, “Are you a nurse?” I’ve been asked this so many times that…

  • Diet cheat day donut in hands with bites
    Health Scoop

    Treat Yourself: Enjoy Diet Cheat Day

    A MONTH AGO the Twinkies were tossed and the pantry cleared of the transfatty carbs. The combination of daily treadmill time, healthy salads for lunch, and salmon for dinner has proven to…

  • coffee with frothed milk

    Stumptown Coffee

    LONG TERM STUDIES are showing that your daily cup of coffee is actually good for you (as well as those you interact with before noon…) Two to three cups of coffee in…

  • heart drawn with lipstick and kiss

    Protective Lip Products

    BONE CHILLING WINTER gusts and the scorching sun have one thing in common….they can definitely take a toll on your pucker. Here are some delicious lip products that will make your…