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Make Valentine’s Day Special

Make Valentine’s Day special by making yourself available this year. Skip the box of candy and opt for an experience. By now, years of fishing out caramel cubes and coconut clusters from boxes of chocolates probably made your sig other a pro at it anyway. They totally know what they will get. (Sorry, Tom Hanks.) Studies show that sharing experiences not only makes special days more memorable, but allows for meaningful bonds to strengthen.

So you don’t have a hot air balloon ride planned this year? That’s cool. Researchers compared people who experienced an extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime event alone with those who experienced more run of the mill ones with others, and found that those in the less interesting activity group were more satisfied with their experiences because of the togetherness involved. 

Rock on, mundane nights of pajama parties, pizza, and Netflix marathons. Cracking up at Adam Sandler rom-com’ing on the screen improves blood flow according to science anyway.  Also, add some tunes to your night. In clinical settings music has been shown to reduce pain and anxiety and even blood pressure.

Here’s some fun blogger inspo to help make Valentine’s Day special:

Check out this creative spin on chocolate covered strawberries. Rosé in February? Yes, please!

Peruse some inspiration.

Plan your next trip, and style it

Rock the pink with this adorable coat to wrap up the long winter.

Sweet or salty? Why not both? Make these.

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