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    Top Health Care Questions of 2017

    WE’RE ANSWERING YOUR top Google search health care questions of 2017! (Yes, get excited.)  According to CNN, the below were the top health topics you inquired about this year. You have questions.…

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    The 5-Year Birth Control Option

    WITH CAREERS SIMMERING, ladies who eventually want to become parents are now choosing to postpone sleepless nights, tantrums, and food fights for just a little bit longer by investing in the…

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    The Resilience Theory

    LET’S FACE IT. The struggle is REAL. While some of us bounce back from tough situations more easily, the rest of us can get sucked in for weeks, months, and in…

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    The Candy Treatment

    What would Halloween be without candy treats? (Well, maybe healthier…but hey, you have to keep your spirit alive too) Jumbo bags of candy lining grocery store aisles can leave you craving those fun-sized…

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    The Vegetarian Option

    YOU, GUYS. MEAT-free dinners can give your palate a clean slate (and are so good for you!) This week we went vegetarian and whipped up a low cal tofu stir fry…

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    8 Fast Facts about the Flu Shot

    GUESS WHAT? IT’S that time again. No, I’m not talking about the pumpkin lattes (although let’s face it, we’re all totally excited about those too!). It’s time to bite the bullet and…