DryBar Perfects the Blowout Experience

PICTURE A PLACE where you can get the perfect blowout while sipping on a chardonnay in a setting so relaxed that you don’t have to feel like your Uggs are making you stick out like a sore thumb in a sea of Manolo Blahniks.

Enter DryBar.

No cuts, no color, only quick, yet oh-so-perfect blow-outs (and the occasional up-do if you so desire).

You know those rare occasions when you discover something so appealing you’re quite literally impressed every time you rediscover it? I don’t know if it is their amazingly scented products that actually make your blow-out last more than 8 hours or the buzz from the complimentary glass of wine you can look forward to, but this place leaves you feeling glossed.

Walking in you’re greeted with a smile, then whisked away to a washing station the second your appointment time starts (they won’t take you if you’re over ten minutes late, but it’s well worth to be punctual!)

You’re never thirsty, as you’re offered a drink (water, wine, mimosa?) the second you sit down at the “bar” of hair products, that resembles a posh bar with a menu of cocktail styles like Cosmo, Mai Tai, or Manhattan to choose from. A subtitled movie draws you into the plot on the screen in front of you, as you sip your wine and your friendly stylist starts the 30-40 minute process. And somehow, thanks to some magic Blow-Dry Bar formula they always know exactly what they’re doing.

This place is a blend of low-key professionalism, and no-frill sophistication, and I seriously wish I had one in my backyard.

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    September 11, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    This concept is amazing. I’d totally be an advocate of this kind of service. I like simple blow outs and nothing fancy. I go to the salon usually just for a blow out!

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