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8 Fast Facts about the Flu Shot

GUESS WHAT? IT’S that time again. No, I’m not talking about the pumpkin lattes (although let’s face it, we’re all totally excited about those too!). It’s time to bite the bullet and get your flu shot, so you don’t have to miss the annual orchard outing.

Here are 8  fast facts about the flu shot you should know:

1. It takes up to 2 weeks for the flu shot to work

2. The seasonal flu shot does not protect you from every single flu virus out there. It only protects agains the viruses that research indicates will be most commonly seen during the upcoming season. So yes, you can still get sick if you catch a rarer flu virus.

3.  If you have kids under 6, they will need 2 flu shots this year if they never had a flu shot before to build immunity. These are spaced about four weeks apart.

4. Babies over 6 months old should be vaccinated.

5. If you’re a new mom then yes, you can get the flu shot when breast feeding.

6. No, the flu shot does not make you sick. In the injectable form, it is an inactivated virus. Remember though, the flu shot takes 2 weeks to be fully effective. If you were exposed to the virus (or another virus) right before you received  or too shortly after, you can still get sick. It’s not the flu shot, it’s the exposure.

7. You can still get chills, a slightly elevated temp, and minor body aches or inflammation elsewhere on the day you get the flu shot. This means your immune system is on point. You body is simply revving up to churn out some antibodies when the real deal attacks.  

 8. Those with egg allergies can receive the vaccine (If the allergy is severe, the recommendations is to sit it out for 30 minutes in the doc’s office before you high tail out of there).

Get vaccinated!

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