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Beat a Makeup Allergy: Food as Makeup

A MAKEUP ALLERGY can be such a nuisance, especially if you’re a fan of experimenting with products. If your skin burns, flares, itches or stings after applying a product you might have irritant dermatitis. Scratching can lead to infection and breakouts, and pretty soon you’re battling more than just a red face. Allergic contact dermatitis may be more severe, and can manifest in other rashes, like a new set of hives on your stomach.

If a makeup allergy wreaks havoc on your skin, some beauty vloggers may have a solution: go to the grocery store, and make the spice rack your beauty aisle.

If you’re weirded out by the idea, take note that out-of-the-box beauty regimens are rooted in history. Women used burnt matches as all-in-one shadow brushes, berries as lip gloss and (sorry, contents of the end of this sentence may be graphic) their sons’ pee to fade freckles, to beautify themselves.

Now while smearing urine, or even coconut oil on your face may not be the best way to stay natural (the pee… well, don’t even have to go into that one, and the oil will clog pores and encourage the growth of pesky bacteria that lead to acne breakouts), some el natural food makeup solutions can work for those with reactive skin.

Ready to step out of your Sephora comfort zone?

Foundation Thank Your Body has a recipe for a foundation that will leave your skin glowing. She uses arrowhead powder as a base and cocoa and cinnamon to embellish the color of her homemade foundation. It’s antioxidant heaven and your face will smell pretty good too. If you want something a little more involved (girls’ night DYI project anyone?) check out Scratch Mommy’s version of her homemade foundation.

Mascara Amy & Libby cooked up a recipe for mascara that keeps your lashes soft and doesn’t flake off. Although they’re still working out the waterproof part, you can thank them for no more stuck together lashes.

Eyeshadow SimpleLifeMom even gives us a visual of her eyeshadow solution here. 

Gloss Here is a a gloss worth puckering up for by the Healthy Honeys. 

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    December 3, 2017 at 6:30 pm

    I totally had no idea about this: ” arrowhead powder as a base and cocoa and cinnamon to embellish the color of her homemade foundation” – that it can be a natural foundation. I’m sure it smells really good!

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    December 4, 2017 at 4:36 am

    I think this is a nice idea. I have tried using coffee powder before as an eyeshadow, its cool. Though my dilemma is quite about the stickiness of it after a while. I might try the foundation listed, just need to find me some cinammon and cocoa. And eiw, never ever use pee, and coconut oil is for “removing” makeup or cosmetics.

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